Is He Gay, Bisexual or…?

After reading the new chapter of Hidoku Shinaide and taking a scroll through the comments section, a shared misconception popped up that I feel deserves some discussion. That is, the difference between bisexuality and heteroflexibility – in the case of Maya.Hidoku Shinaide scrnsht 2

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How Obsession and Insecurities Damage Relationships

Obsession is nothing new to the yaoi genre. In fact, it is one of the most hackneyed, most romanticized character traits in the genre. The trait is usually bestowed on an arrogant, sexy seme who uses his hotness to make the bitter taste of his obsession easier to swallow. But in NyanNya’s Sweet Heart Trigger, the male lead’s obsession, along with his insecurities, push his relationship down a destructive path.


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Pocky Trouble – A 19 Days Fanfiction

(It’s 11/11 – which is Pocky Day! According to tumblr and there isn’t enough 19 Days fanfiction to go around, so I wrote something)

“What the hell are you doing?” Zheng Xi grumbled, leaning away from Jian Yi with obvious distaste. He didn’t know what sort of antics his friend was up to right now, with that stupid look on his face, moving a pocky around with his lips, but he wanted no part of it.

“Bite the end,” Jian Yi said carefully, the chocolate stick clenched between his teeth.  He wasn’t fazed by his friend’s reaction, if anything it goaded him on and he moved forward. As long as he didn’t get close enough for Xi to want to punch him in the face – and he anticipated it a bit – he didn’t mind pushing his luck.

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Getting Back in the Writing Groove

Returning to a new college semester where my schedule is becoming more hectic, I began feeling as if I wouldn’t be able to find the time to write content for my blog. And when I created it, I did so with a fresh idea that I would be consistent despite all the odds of prospective schoolwork. But I realize it’s always easy to have an idea and the hope of doing something, and doing it well but when the reality strikes, there comes a bit (or a lot) of struggle.

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Corrupted: A Caste Heaven Fanfiction

“What happened to your face?”

Azusa blinked up at his mother, slightly taken aback by her odd question of concern. Instead of answering he was only hoping his face didn’t mirror her swollen eye and split bottom lip that her smeared red lipstick poorly hid.

He could ask her the same question but the answer was easy enough for him; and he was sure the answer was easy enough for her too. He had been fighting. As long as she thought that, then nothing else concerned him.

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Things I Love (Yaoi Edition) – Free Spirit Award

Free Spirit Award Icon

Before I get into all the explicit and juicy goodness that I’ve decided to share with you with regards to the given subject matter of the Free Spirit Award, I want to thank Marvelously Mismatched for the nomination. I truly do appreciate it. This is the first my blog has really made an impression on persons who have come by to browse through and it truly makes me feel all kinds of giddy.

The Free Spirit Award grants me the liberty to make this post about anything I want. The only rule is to write on the topic the previous nominee gave, which is to talk about the things I love. Since this is a yaoi blog, this post will focus on the things I love about yaoi.

Going forward, things are going to get pretty NSFW so…you have been warned.

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Unrequited Love in Seto’s Customers

Seto's Customers cover

The thing about unrequited love stories is that there is always a gamble that you must wager if you read the story to the end. You wager on the hope that the protagonist will end up happy with his love interest or to forever be left with your own feelings in irreparable shambles. Seto’s Customers didn’t just leave my heart in tatters; it ripped it right out the rib cage.

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